Dated: 20 January 2019

VSING package will not be available for download on our website after 31 January 2020, and no new licences will be given for this package after this date. Any center who wants this package should download it before 31 Jan and should get it activated before this date. The action has been taken due to the end of the license agreement between ISHT World Services Pvt Ltd & Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd, that was allowing both the parties to share each other’s content in each other’s network.

The copyright of content available in VSING Series has been transferred to ISHT World Services Pvt Ltd,  and copyrights of the  content available in VITAL & IMPEL series belongs to Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd.

End of this mutual MOU will bound Smarto Systems to stop creating new licences for VSING Series w.e.f 1 February 2020.


Dated: 07 August 2019

Important Information !!

Mr. Varinder Singh, Ex-Director, has known to be starting his own organization, and many centers have been contacted by him to join him. We wish his new venture Good Luck for future. And we urge our esteemed clients to trust on the name Smarto Systems and stay joined with us. (Smarto One Panel) is the sole property of Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd, and this panel will remain with Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd. There is no need to migrate to any other link provided by anyone else, as there seems to be confusion among our clients that the company has launched a new panel. We request our customers to stay tuned on the same links, there are no changes in the organization.

Smarto Systems declares that is the only original and official link of Smarto Systems, you are free to join or test any other link at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any loss occurred to you by joining or registering with the links over spurious calls.


Dated: 03 August 2019

Dear All,

This is to inform that Mr. Varinder Singh, Co-Founder / Director / Author / Voice Artist, has resigned from the post of Director, Author & Voice Artist, Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd. He was an integral part of the organization, and during his tenure he created lot of Video Content for the Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd as Author and Voice Artist.

We wish him good luck for the future endeavors.

Dated: 01 August 2019

Important Notice

  • This is to notify that only following contact numbers are the official numbers of Smarto Systems Private Limited. If you are getting calls/sms from any other number regarding any Offer or Package related to Smarto Systems, that call may be from one of our Coordinator/Reseller/Channel Partner/Distributor.
    • The Packages of our Coordinator/Reseller/Channel Partner/Distributor may vary from those of company.
    • Official Numbers of Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd are 8222020232, 8222020242. 8222020252, 8930090029, 8607656555, 8607954855, 8569913312, 9034524029, 9817300748, 8053633855. Any other number apart from the given number doesn’t belong to Smarto Systems but may belong to some of our Coordinator/Reseller/Channel Partner/Distributor, that may also have difference in prices. Customer is free to buy products from anywhere.
  • We are not creating any Coordinator in packages like 9999, 24999. If anyone promises that he can make you coordinator in these prices, believe at your own risk. Smarto Systems has a prescribed process to create new coordinators. Without that process we doesn’t allow anyone to become a coordinator.
  • Any VTS packages like 999, 1999, 1990, 2990, 4990, 7990 (ending with 99 or 90) also aren’t offered by Smarto Systems.

Some of the video content was initially developed by ISHT but not all. So, ISHT reserves the right to sell all the Video Content developed by them at their own price. And the responsibility of dispatching/training/installation/support/services for the Packages and content sold by ISHT lies solely upon ISHT. ISHT is also a coordinator of Smarto Systems, but only for Smarto One Panel based Services ( like Center Management, Student Enrollment, Examination, Certification etc. The VTS (Video Content) sold by ISHT is their own property that has nothing to take with Smarto Systems. We were initially sharing our encryption technology and Smarto One Player to run Videos of ISHT, but the responsibility for installation, support and service lies with ISHT.