Dated 19 May 2018


In reply to NSDC putting a notice on its official website that Smarto Systems is a fake website of PMKVY, Smarto Systems has taken strict actions and served a legal notice to NSDC. NSDC has done that without investigating into the matter, and even without serving any Show Cause Notice. An email was sent to some PMKVY Centers using the servers of Smarto Systems stating a process to apply for PMKVY Centers. A google form was attached in that email asking for the details of center.

Smarto Systems states clearly that it has never collected such data, this activity was completely unauthorized and was dome by some hackers using our server. Even Smarto Systems states clearly that it has nothing to do with PMKVY, we dont provide PMKVY Centers. So, please beware of such emails. The proofs of hacking are shared with NSDC, along with a Legal Notice to remove this Notice.

Proofs of Hacking already shared with NSDC

Legal Notice – To NSDC- From Smarto Systems


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