6 Months Course Diploma ! Smarto Systems
6 Months Course Diploma
September 13, 2019
Computer center franchise in Jharkhand ! Smarto Systems
Single Series Portable Licence (16 GB Pendrive)
September 13, 2019
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Computer center franchise in Jharkhand ! Smarto Systems

1 Year Course Advance Diploma


Get advance diploma after learning from Smarto Online Eduversity.

Get list of diplomas from this link

The diploma fees is only for Online Examination and Diploma Soft Copy.

You may buy suitable video content separately. For video content just check out our Content Series (VITAL, IMPEL, VSING) and buy the series that suits you best.


Process to get Learn at home diploma:

  1. Pay for a diploma program
  2. Get enrolled by calling our support team
  3. Check the list of courses that need to be studied
  4. Buy the required content series from us
  5. Take online exam anytime after 1 year
  6. Get diploma soft copy