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Single Series Portable Licence (16 GB Pendrive)
September 13, 2019
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Double Series Portable Licence (32 GB Pendrive)


Get any two series out of VITAL, IMPEL & VSING in 32 GB Pendrive.

You will get call from our support team to ask which series you want, and if there are any space constraint you will be discussed and asked. You can download remaining content anytime from our website.

The importance is of Portable License, but not of Content, as Content is freely available to download, but doesn’t work without a license.


What is portable licence?

Portable license is a kind of content licence that is not bind to the PC. It is bind to the pendrive that you have purchased from us, its valid until your pendrive get lost or damaged. The license will work only on the PC on which you have inserted the given pen-drive. Whereas PC based licenses are bind to a single PC/Laptop and usually gets expired within 1 year.