October 9, 2018
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October 9, 2018
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1.Website Basic And Information Tour.mp4

10.How To Get Free Domain Names.mp4

11.How To Get Free Hosting.mp4

12.How To Get Free Hosting With Purchased Domain Name.mp4

13.Lets Check The Control Panel.mp4

14.How To Install WordPress On Your Hosting Control Panel.mp4

15.Setup Your Purchased Domain With Your Hosting.mp4

16.Setup Purchased Domain With Purchased Hosting.mp4

17.Login And Logout WordPress Dashboard.mp4

18.Lets Understand Dashboard First.mp4

19.What Are Page And Post.mp4

2.What is WordPress.mp4

20.Difference Between Page And Post.mp4

21.Bulk Actions In Pages And Posts.mp4

22.What Is Plugin.mp4

23.Finding And Installing New Plugins.mp4

24.Installing Plugins In WordPress.mp4

25.Plugins Settings And How To Setup Settings.mp4

26.Introduction To Themes In WordPress.mp4

27.How To Install Themes In WordPress.mp4

28.Themes Settings In WordPress Part One.mp4

29.Themes Settings In WordPress Part Two.mp4 And

30.Difference In Customization Of Different Themes.mp4

31.What Is Post In WordPress.mp4

32.Post Panels In WordPress.mp4

33.Writing And Publishing Post In WordPress.mp4

34.Ways To Create Post Using Post Panel.mp4

35.How To Format Post Using Formatting Tools Part One.mp4

36.How To Format Post Using Formatting Tools Part Two.mp4

37.How To Add Imageso In Your Post Or In Your Page.mp4

38.Image Settings In Your Post Or Page In WordPress.mp4

39.How To Create Categories In WordPress.mp4

4.Why WordPress For WebSites.mp4

40.Managing Categories In WordPress.mp4

41.Tags In Posts In WordPress.mp4

42.Feautred Image In Posts.mp4

43.What Are Pages For Website.mp4

44.How To Create And Edit Pages In WordPress.mp4

45.Theme Based Page Feautres In WordPress.mp4

46.How To Add Feature Image In Pages In WordPress.mp4

47.Page Builder In WordPress.mp4

48.Placing Content Using age Builder In WordPress.mp4

49.Using Page Templates Using Page Builder.mp4

5.Practical Features And Benefits Of WordPress.mp4

50.Creating Menus In WordPress.mp4

51.Adding Sub Menus In WordPress.mp4

52.Advance Options In Menus In WordPress.mp4

53.Adding Media In Media Library In WordPress.mp4

54.Creating Gallary Using Media Library.mp4

55.Adding Videos In Website In WordPress.mp4

56.Widgets In WordPress.mp4

57.How To Setup Widgets In WordPress Website.mp4

58.Widgets Setup Using Theme Customizer.mp4

59.How to Enable Comments In WordPress.mp4

6.Lets Understands The Wesite Creating Process In WordPress.mp4

60.Managing Comments In WordPress Options.mp4

  1. Advance Setting For Comments In WordPress.mp4

62.Users In WordPress.mp4

63.Managing Users In WordPress.mp4

64.Creating Gravator Account To Get WordPress Profile.mp4

65.Social Media Sharing Using WordPress Plugins.mp4

66.Floating Sharing Buttons Using WordPress Plugins.mp4

67.Adding Contact Forms In WordPress Website.mp4

68.Advance Fields In Contact Forms.mp4

69.Setting Up Contact Forms For Sending Mails.mp4

7.How To Create Account In GoDaddy.mp4

70.What Is SEO.mp4

71.Setting Up Plugin For SEO In WordPress Website.mp4

72.Embedding Google Maps For WordPress Website.mp4

8.Purchasing Domain Names Online.mp4

9.How To Purchase Cheapest Domain Names In India.mp4

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