Our Most Valuable Services

A collaborative Video Trainings Library especially in HINDI Language.

Institutions are using the content of this video library to train their students. It is used by trainers and also in the absence of trainers. Institutions are getting benefited with the content in case of unavailability of teachers.

Students enjoy the high quality content in their mother tongue HINDI.

We provide Certificate and Diploma courses to students at our 1000+ Institutions across India. Certifications are provided by Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd, Raghav Foundation, Centurion University and some other Awarding Bodies too.

We are now encrypting the video/textual content of centers or content creators to be distributed fearlessly among the students. The password protected content is 99.99% safe to distribute as every viewer needs separate key to unlock it.

We are creating some Free and Some paid learning software for Centers as well as Students. We have developed a Free Typing Practice Software for Centers to train their students. Earlier centers were to buy some software to help their students practice. Now Smarto Systems’ home crafted typing software SSFast is available for free.

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Smarto Systems has designed various budget friendly websites for Small as well as Large Institutes. We have also provided various kind of services to Schools & Colleges.

We are providing attractive websites at least prices.

We have developed Online Examination Softwares for Schools/Colleges & Institutes. Today every one needs such software so that Institutions can take the exams of their students at home. Our solutions are very much economic.

We have Mock Tests ready for most of the Competition Exams. Students preparing for Govt Jobs Exams, Entrance Exams are enjoying the variety of questions available at our Question Bank.

We are providing the facility of Automatic Online Certificate Generation, and verification through QR Code & Web Link. Various organizations are using our software to provide certifications online to their students.

We have handcrafted software which 1000s of institutions are using to maintain records of their students, maintaining records of fees, sending fees reminders, sending notifications etc.

We are also the providers of Bulk SMS, Bulk Email services to the Schools/Colleges & Institutions. We are providing Digital Marketing services too like facebook marketing, SEO, SMO etc. We have created Lead Management Campaigns for various institutions.

Benefits of Smarto.One

Registration at www.smarto.one is absolutely free. Free features are enabled immediately after activation. You can enjoy free features like Student Enquiry Record etc. Also you are given credit limit to test all our features.

Per student pricing is also very low. That price includes Admission, Examination, Video Content Library’s access to student & Certification.

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The feature of Student Record management is absolutely free with the use of Smarto One Panel. Smarto One stands for www.smarto.one. You can maintain the records of all your students, even you can maintain Fee Records plus can generate ID Cards etc.

Process of getting a student certified from Smarto Systems is very easy. Certificates are issued immediately after online exam is over. Certificates are valid and are issued only in current dates only after Online Examination. No certificates are issued in backdate or without exam/assessment. Certificate INSTANT Generation facility is loved by our hundreds of institutions.

Verifying a certificate issued at www.smarto.one is very easy and quick. A certificate can be verified by just scanning QR Code or Smarto Systems’ web link.

This instant verification helps a student in getting a Job and also improves credibility.

All the students registered by any center has to clear an online exam. And this online exam facility is provided by Smarto Systems without any additional charge.

We have Mock Tests ready for most of the Competition Exams. Students preparing for Govt Jobs Exams, Entrance Exams can attempt the variety of questions available at our Question Bank. The facility is provided within the Smarto One Panel.

Each student enrolled in any course is given access to Video Content Library. Content from VITAL & IMPEL Series are offered for absolutely free if his course content requires that. For other Series access is provided at very discounted prices.

Smarto One provided Strong Online Presence to every center. Every registered center gets a profile page on Smarto.One. The listing is shown publicly in respective cities. Even students can make enquiry on listed centers by searching them in their cities. Contact numbers of Student and Center are exchanged on making enquiry.

The smarto.one panel gives a facility to provide notices to students. This facility is absolutely free. Also some other facilities like generating ID cards etc are offered for free along with various other facilities.

There are other advantages of Smarto One panel too. Centers are benefited by time to time offers given by Smarto Systems. Offers makes the pricing of course admissions very low.

Also if a center refers another center, referrer gets lifetime benefits on referring a center.

List of problems for which we have solutions

Are you lacking Online Presence?

Most of the Institutions are not having any online presence, but during and post Lockdown Period, amid Corona effects, Online Presence is must as no student will contact you in your office.

  • We will create an attractive website for you
  • Website will contain list of all your courses
  • Online fees collection facility will also be available
  • Fully dynamic website
  • Online enquiry/ Online Admission facility
  • 100+ Business Email Accounts email@yourdomain.com
  • You can add/edit/deleted pages yourself
  • Your name, your domain
  • Pricing is very economic
Are you struggling with Online Exams?

Most of the Institutions/Schools/Colleges are finding it difficult to conduct online exams during Lockdown Periods. The available solutions are much expensive, but we have very low cost solution available for your problem.

  • We can provide you an Online Examination Software
  • Unlimited Students/Unlimited Exams
  • Linked to your domain with your Name
  • 100% White label
Facing difficulty in reaching students?

Due to no physical presence, its difficult to contact students, and contacting students via phone call is not feasible. We can offer you ideas and also some solutions to contact students in bulk.

  • Bulk SMS Facility to contact Students/Parents
  • Bulk Voice Call Facility also
  • Bulk Email Facility
  • Facebook Marketing targeted to your students only
  • Free tips to contact/interact students
Struggling to get online enquiries?

Getting online enquiries is a dream for everyone, but its not easy enough. We are trying to help institutions to generate enquiries and grow their business.

  • Register at www.smarto.one, registered centres get enquiries
  • Centres are listed in respective locations and students can contact
  • Also we can provide enquiry forms on your website
  • We can create Facebook/Google lead generation campaigns
  • Lead generation campaigns helps in getting enquiries
  • These enquiries includes contact numbers of students
How to create content? No Idea!

Everyone want to create video/texual content but have less or no idea about how to do that. Smarto’s team of experts can help you in guiding how to create content.

  • We will help all Smarto One Learning Centres in creating content
  • Guidance and Support will be absolutely free
  • We will support for Encryption and Distribution of content also
  • Good quality content may find space at our Digital Video Library
Scared of your content piracy?

Most of the Institutes/Schools/Colleges are sending their valuable Video/PDF content via WhatsApp, Google Drive etc. But this creates fear of Content Piracy as there could be free distribution without you getting benefits. Your efforts may get waste without reward.

  • We can offer our Encryption Technology to help you
  • We can encrypt your data, and can send you encrypted files
  • These encrypted files you can fearlessly send to your students
  • Every student will need separate Licence Key to watch Video/PDF
  • No screen capture allowed
  • Content playable on Windows PC/Android
Facing difficulty in spreading your content?

You may be having knowledge on special topics, but you don’t have interested students for that content. We can host your video/text content on our network on royalty basis. Anyone interested will buy the content and you will get revenue sharing.

  • Encrypted content will be hosted on Smarto Systems website for sale
  • On every sale Author will get revenue sharing
  • Students will be able to download the content and watch on PC/Mobile
  • Every student/sale will be given separate key to unlock the content
Lacking content to provide to students?

As the teachers are not approaching to the institutes, and even teachers have lack of online resources to conduct online trainings, hence it has become extremely difficult to provide learning content to the student. We can provide you plenty of content for your students from our vast content library.

  • We can provide video content mostly related to computer courses
  • We also have video content for Competition Exams / Maths / English
  • All the content is encrypted so no risk of piracy
  • You can teach your students from our content
  • Pricing is very much economic
Facing difficulty in managing student records?

You may be facing issues with managing student’s data, keeping records of students’ fees, making reminders, giving notices, recording enquiries etc. Smarto Systems is the one stop solution for all your record management needs.

  • You may register on www.smarto.one
  • And use our awarded online record management tool
  • It includes fee records, reminders, notices, enquiries, exams, ID Cards etc.
  • We can create a separate Web Portal as per your requirements
  • We can help you in creating separate Admission/Enquiry Forms
  • All data auto-exported to excel to use in future
  • All features very economic / almost free
Lacking facility to certify your students online?

It is the need of the hour that the trainings of students should be conducted online at home, and even his certification should also be done from home based on an online exam. Smarto Systems’ certification is online and valid also.

  • Register at www.smarto.one and start enrolling students
  • Take online exam of all your students at very low price
  • Get a valid certificate from Smarto Systems, no extra price
  • We provide free video content to each and every enrolled student
Difficulty in providing an authentic certificate?

It has been extremely difficult to identify which certificate is genuine and which is fake. Genuine certificates are never provided in back date and are always based on Exam/Assessment.

  • Smarto Systems provide 100% authentic certificate
  • Certificates provided only from reputed Awarding Bodies
  • Certificate is never provided without online exam
  • No backdate certificates are provided so trusted all over India
  • Certificate is generated instantly only after exam
  • Easy verification via link and QR Code
Problem in evaluating student’s performance?

Its difficult to evaluate the performance of student preparing for competition exams. At Smarto PrepZone performance of student can be evaluated at national level.

  • Mock Tests available for almost all type of competitive exams
  • Live Performance Evaluation with National Rank
  • Subject wise / Topic wise tests also available
  • Practice Tests facility available for other courses also
Finding a friend in need type franchisor?

Are you facing issues with your present franchisor, or you want to join a franchisor to improve tie-ups and increase services. Most of the franchisors are looting centres or are not authentic.

  • Smarto Systems is providing free joining opportunity.
  • Per student pricing is very low & is inclusive of lot of facilities.
  • All the students get access to our free Video Library
  • Examination is online and quick
  • Certificate is instantly available immediately after exam
  • Center gets student record management facility for free
  • Certificate can be verified via QR Code
Fear of loss of own brand with franchisor?

Franchisors or Tie-ups may compel you to work with their names and leaving your brand name behind. This create loss of brand name you created with your blood and sweat. We offer Co-Branding as well as White Label opportunities too.

  • We are open for Co-Branding on our content
  • Also we are open for few services as White label
Thinking to expand business?

Most of you might be thinking about some business opportunities. Smarto Systems is also looking for Channel Partners / Distributors for most of our services.

  • You may become our Coordinator / Distributor
  • You may also earn by just referring a client.
Finding ways to promote yourself?

Most of you might be finding reliable and economic ways to promote yourself. We can provide you opportunity to promote yourself on our network.

  • You may advertise on our encrypted library videos
  • You may also advertise on our YouTube videos
  • Also you may advertise on LearnInHindi.org
  • Pricing is very reliable