At SmartO Systems our mission is to stand with every institute, and make them capable enough to bring quality in their teaching. Our aim is to educate every student in a direction that leads to students’ success.

With the strong vision of providing an Institute & a student a distinguished identity, we have developed a process having various steps that leads to success. Our Visual Training System, Online Examination & Certification are major steps in this process. In short SmartO is nothing but a “PROCESS THAT LEADS TO SUCCESS”.

SmartO Systems was initially a collaborative effort by two different organizations, Institute of Software Hardware Technology(ISHT World) & Anand Infomedia Solutions Pvt Ltd.(AIMS). ISHT was leader in Visual Training, and AIMS was leader in Software Marketing & Webservices. Top leaders of two organizations being very good friends, and having strong interdisciplinary backgrounds in marketing, research and visual training were together known with the name “ISHT AIMS SMARTO SYSTEMS”. Later on both merged together and formed Smarto Systems Pvt Ltd.

Our target is to equip every small institute with advance teaching technologies, that distinguish them and helps them to stand straight in this cut throat competitive era.

The purpose of Smarto Systems is to help every institution that dream big. Whatever courses you are running, whatever franchise you have, whatever certification you are offering, irrespective of any bias we are with you. Smarto Systems believes that every educational institute in India should be smart enough to deliver quality.

Our Mission

To provide small but important services to the centres so as to empower them to be profitable enough and generate additional income too.

Our Vision

All the Educational Institutions should be delivering quality, should be having enough strength so as to survive.




Visual Training System is very effective way to teach students at you centre, these are visual classes run over Smarto One Player. The advanced encryption methodology makes this a unique feature for any institute. The encryption enables the classes to be played in Institution only that protects institutions from data theft. Even students are allowed 1 device licence to practice at home.

Presently we have VTS available for Computer Courses, and VTS for Yoga Instructor Course as well as Banking Exams is coming.

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Smarto One is a one stop network for Centres and Students. We are offering many small services to the centres from this route. Centre gets recognised and gets visibility on internet. Hence, centre gets enquiries of those students who asked for admission in their area. Smarto One offers many facilities like student fee record management, fee reminders, fee deposit SMS to students, online examination, certificate generation, other products & services, offers etc. and much more. Smarto One is a necessary service for any institution.

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Wonder English is an Interactive English Learning Software based program that puts a student in practice mode from the day 1. This software works as a smart instructor for the student that teaches students itself, trains them, and helps in improving accent, writing, grammar, spellings and all. In short it’s a smart friend to make you speak smarter.


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