What is Smarto Systems?

Smarto Systems is a Private Limited, which was established in the year 2016 under Companies Act 2013.

Initially the business was started by Anand Info Media Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2011, later this was registered as separate entity in 2016. Anand Info Media Solutions Pvt Ltd is focusing primarily on Skill India Govt Projects.

What is the objective of Smarto Systems?

Smarto Systems objectives includes providing training to small to large scale training centre and boosting up their potential by providing them with necessary facilities at a minimal price at which the centre is capable to work independently.

Completely ending the hassles of Certificates as well as providing Exams over a transparent medium at the minimum expenditure from the student’s end while certifying him.

Providing the students with low cost quality e-learning content

What Course/Certificates does Smarto Systems offers?

Smarto Systems primary courses includes: Computer Education related Computer Basics, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Programming, Accounting with Tally GST, Engineering Design etc. are taught using VTS. Our E-Books are also available. Exam based Certificate and Diploma ranging from 3 months to over a year are taught.

Spoken English courses are offered using Wonder English Software.

Competitive Exams are taught via Test Series.

By the collaboration of other Certification Bodies, multiple other courses like Paramedical, Yoga as well as other Skill Courses are also offered.

What’s the process of joining Smarto Systems?

Joining us is a click away at smartosystems.in or smarto.one, both websites offers free registration. You can also choose the packages available from the websites themselves.

What is Smarto One?

Smarto One is a Web Portal and a Panel accessible at www.smarto.one. For a centre it’s no less a cherished treasure. Smarto One is a one-step solution for a Centre that provides Directory Listing, Online Web Presence, Student Record Management, Fees Record, Fees Reminder, Wallet, Offers, Online Examination, Certification, Certificate Verification, Shop. For students, it provides Learning Content, VTS Licence Activation, Admin Fees Payment, Course Management etc.

The development of this Portal was a progressive from the past 3 years and will be integrating many folds more features in the upcoming updates.

What are the advantages of Smarto One?

Smarto One Panel provides the Centre owner with a lot of useful features to ease the daily hassles by automating most of them like Students records, their Fees record, Exam handling, Certification, Certificate validity options, providing help to candidates with potential employment opportunities, providing certificate instantly after exam.

What do I pay Smarto System for the services?

Sign up is free with Smarto One, after joining; Wallet Balance becomes 365 Negative which you pay only if satisfied. The Fees of 365 rupees needs to be paid at later stage. Per student, you pay rupee 1 for Student VTS Licence, Examination, and Certification.

Does Smarto Systems provide Authority Letter to the Centre?

If Centre Profile is Complete and Centre Performance is good enough, Authority Letter will be provided.

What is the advantage of Authority Letter?

Authority Letter Centre is an exhibit letter which is a proof that your centre is authorized to provide Smarto Courses and conduct Smarto System exams. It provides trust between you and your customer.

What is the negative limit of Wallet Balance?

Wallet Balance can reach to a negative of 730 Rupees

What is VTS?

VTS means Visual Training System, which means training through Recorded Videos. You need SmartO One Player to play the trainings. One Player is available for Android and Windows. One Player requires Licence to play the VTS trainings. One Licence is valid for a single computer or mobile.

How do I obtain VTS Licence?

There are two kinds of Licences. Firstly when you download Videos from our website, you require a Login ID. A single login id is applicable for one mobile or computer. It is not valid on any other device afterwards. Centre can buy Login ID from Smarto One Panel, Centre coordinator can also choose to enroll all students, upon which nothing except the Admin Fees are applicable. According to more requirements that might arise, one can also obtain Smarto Systems Login ID from the website directly. Login IDs do have an expiration date like a duration of 6 months or an year etc.

Second type of is delivered via USB Drives which can be bought at Smarto One Panel or the website. This kind of license includes multiple benefits as well. Firstly you don’t need to download the videos off the website. This USB drive is not bound to a specifie Computer and you can connect and watch VTS in any PC, provided that the USB is connected at that time. You can change the system where you want to watch the videos at your own will. Lastly, there is no time frame limit for the USB. You can watch VTS as long as you own the USB Pen drive.

What is Smarto’s One Player ?

VTS can only be played via One Player. One Player is downloadable via Play Store as well as our website, as well as the Licence which is available at Smarto One Panel and Smarto System’s website

What is Wonder English?

It a revolutionary way to learn English. It is software upon using which, English speaking, writing and pronouncing can be learned at the learner’s own pace. A computer headphone as well as microphone is mandatory for running this Software. It contains hundreds of listening, speaking as well as writing exercises. The software feels like a Game and without any aid from an English speaking trainer, it helps you to speak perfect English.

How VTS and Wonder English do differ?

VTS is a collection of Recorded Videos whereas Wonder English is an Interactive English Learning Software using which one can Practice as well. VTS are limited to your visual aid of watching and understanding video content whereas Wonder English consists of modules that help with listening, writing, conversing, understanding as well as to practice English.

How Smarto One and One Player differ?

Smarto One is an online Web Portal है consisting multiple services for Centres like Student Registration, Fees Record, Shop, Wallet, Examination and Certification etc. Whereas One Player is a Licence based Player है which allows VTS Videos to play on your devices.

How are students enrolled in Smarto One?

Students enrolment is simple enough. Centre can login via their Login ID and Password at www.smarto.one/centre. Inside the student menu, they can click New Student and fill the given Form. In Step 1, Student’s details will be filled. Afterwards you select the course you want to enroll the student in. You will be able to set the installments of Fees as well as other details on the screen that follows, submitting which will enroll the student with your Centre.

How much does Admin Fees costs?

Admin Fees is the per candidate Fee that is provided by Centre coordinator to Smarto Systems. This amount includes admission, VTS License of his/her respective course, exam and certification. Smarto One Centre Panel includes a Course Fees option which can be used to view the fee per course.

How many courses can a Student enroll to?

A candidate can enroll in multiple courses at Smarto Systems without requiring hassles of multiple usernames. Candidate stays with the Smarto One Panel account and username for his/her lifetime and can do any courses later or at present.

After how many days of enrolment at Smarto One will the student be eligible for exam.

Student have to wait for the duration of the given course to give the exam.

How does Student take the Exam

If a candidate is enrolled then he must have the login details of his account. After the course ends, student can login into and give the exam for which he signed the course. Click on the “Take Exam” option and the exam will start.

How long does it take to obtain Certificate after the exam?

If student due Fees is paid and the Centre have uploaded the record to his Panel as well, then after passing the Exam, Certificate is downloadable.

Can you send hardcopy Certificate via courier?

This service is currently unavailable, Centre after conducting the exam and updating the fee record can provide the certificate in Panel, which can then be printed on 300GSM paper in Colour.

What kind of paper is ideal for Certificate Printing?

300GSM or IVORY Sheet are adequate options.

Are both Colour Print and Monochrome (B&W) valid?

Only Colour Print is considered valid.

Where is this Certificate valid?

It is a valid Certificate across the nation as well as outside in private as well as Govt. sectors where a specialized Certificate /Diploma/Degree are not required.

What are the passing marks for the Exam?

Minimum passing marks are 40%

Are there any negative markings?

As of now, there are no Negative Marking for any exam.

Can I give the exam in my mobile phone?

Yes, sure you can. Smarto One’s Student Panel can be logged in into any mobile and you can complete the exam.

Can Student give exam at home?

Only Online Adversity or Online Mode Enrolled student can give exams sitting at home, otherwise it’s mandatory to visit the Smarto Learning Centre for the Exam.

What is the duration of exam?

Smarto One Online Exams are 1 hour long. At the end of time, exam automatically gets finished.

Can I quit Exam early if I am done?

Yes, at the end of Exam click FINISH button and you finish as early as you want to.

How many Exams is part of a course.

For a course that is up to 6 months long, there is a single exam. Whereas 1 yearlong courses includes 2 Exams (Semester 1 and Semester 2)

What happens if a Student fails the exam?

Upon Failing, student can give exam after a span of 24 hours. Re exam can be taken once without any further charges but failing at re-exam will lead to paying the Admin Fees again.

What is the Re-exam fee?

First re-exam is free, failing at which the candidate needs to pay the Admin Fees to the centre again.

Can details like Name/Father Name/DOB be corrected?

After Student Enrolment, details can be changed within 15 days for correction. Afterwards, you cannot edit the details except for the birth date of the candidate. For any correction afterwards 15 days, a Valid ID Proof can be showed to the company to get a correction.

Why is Aadhar Number being asked for and is it mandatory?

Aadhar Card is an ID proof that is valid across the whole nation. There are often circumstances like people sharing a common name or name change after marriage, upon which a Centralized Id proof is the only alternative.

During registration, if a student wants to hide his/her aadhar number, he/she can fill first 8 numbers as random digits and only the last 4 digits because that is enough and can be used for the verification purpose.

How can student view Centre course’s Subjects?

Student can view subjects at time of registration.

After Registration, Centre Panel can be used to view Student’s Course Fee & Certificates Menu can also be used to view Subjects.

Student can also view subjects in his Student Panel.

How can the student study his/her course?

Centre can provide all it’s students with license for home use for VTS using which a student can watch video at his/her home at their own pace. All the subjects have their E-Books/Web books for free for their respective courses which is very beneficial for studies.

Can a student Enrol enrolment, change the course?

Yes Student change courses and can also study for multiple courses at once. After Exam, however course cannot be deleted.

Does the Admin fee be refunded in case student change course/leave course?

Up to first 15 days, Student can get a refund for Admin fee if they decide to leave the course.

What should minimum age of student learning via VTS or Wonder English?

5th Standard or you can say kids of around 10 years and above can easily learn using VTS or Wonder English.

Does VTS have Recorded Videos or Live content?

VTS uses Recorded Videos as its content.

Does Smarto One Player works with Thin Client systems?

Yes, you can contact us for the required settings.

Can Smarto One Player be used with Projector?

Centre’s VTS Licence can be used with a Projector and we permit that but Student’s VTS Licence doesn’t have this permission. If a Centre coordinator is unable to use it on Projector, then you can contact us to get it working.

Can we use Wonder English on Projector?

No, Wonder English is useless on a projector. This software requires each student to have a computer as well as headphone.

Can VTS playback HD Videos?

Yes, all Videos are in HD.

Can you send messages to Students via Smarto One Panel?

Students can get Notice via Panel about which they will be notified when the student logs into it.

Can you give Back Date Certificates via Smarto One Panel?

Absolutely not, Back Date Certificates are illegal by law. Smarto Systems provides certificate for a Date on which the Online Exam was conducted.

Can a Centre adds it’s own Questions in Smarto One Panel?

centre can add their own practice test using their Panel but for the Final Exam, only Smarto Systems exams set Questions are used.

Can a Centre add their personal Course/Certificate to Smarto One Panel?

We are already discussing the potential of this feature and it might be soon seen as a part of the panel.

Does the certificate issued by Smarto One have Centre’s name and logo?

Absolutely, Centre’s name and Logo are present on certificate.

Can we add centre name and logo to VTS Videos?

This is technically not possible. However Centre could have a Video Advertisement at the beginning of the video.

Why do we see Digital India and Skill India Logo on the Certificate?

Digital India and Skill India are missions started by Govt. Of India. Our company is working hard to fulfill this mission, therefore these Logos have been used after proper legal advice.

What are the advantages of Profile complete and giving Course Fees details?

Upon 100% completion, Centre gets multiple benefits. Their Web presence increases and they get various Offers afterwards.

Course Fees detail filling has several advantages as well. Any student can view Course Fees at smarto.one website using Centre search. Student get the Total Fees breakdown, Student starts trusting the centre, Centre is able to keep easy record of Fees and can also handle installment fee. Thus it makes the work easier.

Does centre needs to pay some amount out of Course Fees to Smarto Systems?

No, this feature for handling course fee is added for centre’s convenience and Smarto Systems doesn’t ask for any percentage of this fee. Centres are independent to choose their Course Fees on their own.

Why does Smarto One Panel have Fees Payment and Fees Instalment options?

Fees Instalment option is a feature for Centre, if a Student asks for monthly installments, then we can make his installments. When he pay the Fees then he goes to the Instalment section and click Pay Now upon which his record is maintained and student get’s a Fees Payment message as well.

What is Certification Body?

Any recognized organization that has the credibility to conduct a course and uses Smarto One Exam Panel for the exam for the certification, it’s called a Certification Body. For the time being, Smarto One has 2 Certification Bodies registered with them. Raghav Foundation dealing with Paramedical and Yoga courses and Life Foundation which provides other Vocational Courses.

How do I register for Paramedical and Yoga Certification.

After logging in Centre Panel, go to Certification Body and select Raghav Foundation for registration. You must have the required fee in Wallet. After the Registration Fees payment you will be able to see Paramedical as well as Yoga Courses.

Who is the Coordinator and what’s the process of being one?

Coordinator is a company Distributor, whose sole responsibility is to service the Centres under his area. He adds up Centres as well. He is the on field branch of the Company itself.

Smarto Systems chooses their Coordinators after a selective process in which the applicant’s Profile, Performance, Potential are evaluated and he is asked for a deposit as well. You can contact us for more details upon the process.

What are the upcoming features?

Smarto Systems is going to include Competition Exams Test Series, Yoga Instructor’s VTS Video courses, Live Online Classes, Wonder English 2.0 with Android & IOS App, Smarto Web TV etc. are the upcoming plans for Smarto Systems. A lot Research & Development is underway at present.