Beware of Fraud Certification Sellers. People are selling certifications on the name of MHRD, QCI, ISO, MSDE, MCA, MSME etc.
There are lot of such sellers in the market who are spoiling Education Sector. Being a responsible organization let us make you aware that:

  • MHRD doesnt provide any affiliation to any Institute, these organizations are just registering Copyrights in MHRD and presenting those as affiliations.
  • QCI only provides membership
  • ISO is a standard of Quality.
  • MSME identifies Small and Medium Scale Business Enterprises
  • MCA only for register and control companies.
  • MSDE doesnt provide affiliation, the affiliations claimed by most of the organizations are of Govt. Skill Development Courses, esp. from NSDC / DDUGKY etc.

So these organizations have nothing to do with certifications.We too have registrations with the above mentioned organizations, but these are not for issuing any certification. The registrations enriches trust, Smarto Systems never called these as Recognition or Affiliation.

Any Organization/company/NGO/Trust can provide Short Term Course Certifications (Less than 2 Years) if it has this written in its clause or MoA with valid records, examinations, quality of Education and much more. Acceptability of any certificate is based of the brand value and reputation of its awarding organization. Smarto Systems is a responsible organization, we too are providing our own certifications but never claimed that we are affiliated with some Govt. Body, or we are offering Courses approved by Govt of India. We play fair and transparent, and always said that we are private organization with High Brand Value and trust.
This was just due to our fair reputation that we joined hands with Centurion University for assessments and certifications, that increased the value of our organisation by 10 times and now we are providing much more powerful certification than before.

Thanks for your continued support and trust.